Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!

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I have fallen in love with watching baseball in the old Kiger Stadium! The Klamath Falls Gems are a collegiate woodbat baseball team where pro-hopefuls come to practice for the summer with dreams of getting recognized. I was lucky enough to get to attend a few games as my employer, Country Financial, sponsored the team these last three years.  I am proud to work for this company and especially proud to work for Gary Cheyne, and with Tom Keller.


Popcorn and Peanuts! A fuzzy french-fry mascot called Tator! A loud-mouthed guy in the stands running back and forth getting the crowd riled up! Kids eating and playing and watching the game as happy as they can be! All of these things combine in an evening of American pastime; massive field lights beaming hope and excitement through the dust from the home plate slides, stirs something in me. I can hardly say what it is, but I know I like it.


With all my heart I loved the game and the team and the stands and the food and well, everything, and yet this virtual tour was difficult for me. I was nervous standing there with my weird photography contraptions trying to capture a thousand people all in a state of movement. I also lost clarity in the night shots. Well, there are all sorts of things that I could pick on myself for, but regardless, a virtual tour was made as a gift to my employer. But rather than trusting me on how fantastically fun these games can be, or living vicariously through this virtual tour…just go to a game. The tickets are only 7 bucks.



A Family Reunion is a great excuse to use 360° photography!

Recently I experienced the joy of attending my family reunion, and after 20 years I fell in love with my family all over again. It was a big reminder of what a great bunch of people I come from.  To be honest I was mesmerized with these people and found myself overwhelmed with love and appreciation.  While I enjoyed walking around taking snapshots of people, it became obvious how important it was to capture everyone in one shot.  And I didn’t want the plain, old and boring photograph where everyone lines up in a three-tiered square.


How about a circle?  The circle of life. And love. Since I have access to this awesome technology I put it to work, and I am very grateful.  For the rest of our lives we can view this image and be reminded of where we came from and how much we love each other.  Oh, we are so fortunate for our ancestors Herman and Jen.


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Totally Awesome Commercial Building!

I just finished creating a tour of this gorgeous commercial building.  Click on the link below to check it out:



This place is so awesome and if I had the money I would buy it. Why? Because it is an opportunity that rarely comes along…and is a fantastic way to make money!


This is a prominent downtown Garibaldi business location on U.S. Highway 101 in the heart of one of the most picturesque authentic fishing villages on the Oregon Coast. The building is a former church with historically significant balloon framing. It has a new roof and exterior improvements and a versatile daylight basement. The building features raised ceilings, extra storage, private bathrooms, a showroom and double windows.


The buyer can easily take over the existing business-Vintage By The Bay-or re-purpose it for a new commercial venture. Oregon Department of Transportation estimates that some 7,500 vehicles pass through Garibaldi on U.S. Highway 101 each day. The building is directly across the street from the popular Garibaldi House Inn and across the U.S. 101 from the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, Lumberman’s Park and the Port of Garibaldi. The railroad, which runs steam engine excursions, brings up to 900 visitors each day to Garibaldi during the high season. Space upstairs is 1,800 square feet, and the space downstairs is the same equaling 3,600 square feet of potential retail.



If desired, the purchase of the Vintage By The Bay business will include goodwill, logo and graphics, the customer list and marketing materials. The owner will provide details of the business revenue and operational information upon request.


Another wonderful aspect about the building is that you can live in the downstairs space while you manage the upstairs retail space, then turn the apartment into separate offices, more retail, etc. I know it sounds cliche but the possibilities are endless!!


Owner is interested in financing the loan with 50 thousand down. How awesome is that?


Valerie Schumann, Principal Broker



406 Garibaldi Avenue | Garibaldi, OR 97118

Cell (503) 812-8423 | Office (800) 480-0648