I started Oregon Virtual Tours for personal reasons.  It all began when I was on the hunt for an apartment to rent.  Anyone who has ever looked for a home to rent or buy knows the frustration of the process.  I combed the poorly written want-ads which often have no photographs, made many appointments to view properties just to find the place nothing like the advertisement portrays, and all of this in between the rest of my busy life.  I spent an immense amount of time searching for a place to live, and then spent way too much time and money on fuel getting to these appointments. Along the way I talked to several landlords who were frustrated for the same reasons.  They too had to take time off work to show their properties and by the time many of them had rented a place they had showed it ten times.  On my hunt for a home I had looked at 20 properties…so how much money is your time worth?


I believe we just don’t have enough time in our lives to go about this home search in such an archaic and inefficient manner. At ten bucks an hour that’s two hundred bucks….if you are a landlord that’s a wasteful way to spend your profit and as a renter or buyer that’s just a plain old waste of money.  But I’m guessing that most of you value your time at more than ten dollars an hour, so you do the math.


The real estate industry has a term called Qualified Traffic.  What that means is that by the time several hundred people have viewed the 360° visual tour of the property, the ones that actually call to come view the property are really interested, hence qualified traffic. It’s much easier to spend ten minutes viewing a gorgeous virtual tour with a well written ad to decide if the place even fits your desires. The best businesses get started when someone recognizes a problem and builds a solution. So I decided to start a service that could save everyone precious time and money, so that they can spend that time and money on the things that really matter.


Oregon Virtual Tours is currently a two-person operation. I photograph the properties and run it through the software programs that were hand built by my IT guy, the other half of this operation.

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