Example Tours

360° Virtual Photography to Sell:


What do you want to sell? A house, land, or business? All can really be shown off by the technology of the virtual tour. For years we have advertised such things using photography and what a great medium it has been for the era before this highly technological age, however, taking it one step further will make you really stand out from the rest and get your product sold.


The Childhood Home: My best friend helped design her home, and hand picked every little detail, customizing it into her dream home. She spent years decorating it and loved that her child had a home that would always be her childhood home. Then hard times came upon them and she is forced to sell the home. I wanted her and her child to always be able to remember exactly how it felt to be in that beautiful home, so I created a virtual tour of it. She is now using that tour to sell it, but most importantly, for the rest of their lives they can always go home to their childhood home. Click on the following link to see it:



Below is a great example of a ranch for sale, which are often times not properly presented for sale. Photographs alone are too two-dimensional and do not give a realistic presentation of size of the space, beauty or industrial potential of the land. A 360° virtual tour gives viewers the ability to stand in the center of your property and feel like they are really there. Nothing else can get a potential buyer more excited than that! Click on the link below and see what I mean:



360° Virtual Photography to Advertise Your Business:


Sometimes the only way to express the desirability of your business is to share it with the world in a format that really captures its essence. Could your business be summed up in one panorama or does it need several different angles to really show off the varied aspects of your company? Some examples of businesses that could benefit from this new technology are a bed and breakfast, hotel/motel, conference center, retail outlet/boutique, restaurants, art, home building and construction, before-and-after remodeling, etc. The possibilities absolutely endless!


Below are two unique examples of businesses using 360° virtual photography.


Wilson River Lodge is located in Tillamook, Oregon and specialized in guided fishing and hunting trips, with absolutely gorgeous lodging. See for yourself…



Second Street Coffee House is located in Tillamook Oregon and is one of my most favorite places in the world.



360° Virtual Photography to Advertise Your Rental:


When you have a property to rent you can spend an immense amount of time advertising, answering telephone calls and showing it in order to get a renter into it. This can burn up your resources and is a waste of time and money. If you provide a virtual tour of the property for your prospective renter to view at their leisure, by the time the renter has called you they have already decided whether or not it is a fit for them. This is what the industry calls Qualified Traffic. You don’t spend your days answering phone calls and leaving work to show the property. In addition, the ability to really show off your assets only becomes possible when you have a virtual tour.


Below is an example of a property that sat on the market for months. In one month it received one phone call from a free Craigslist.org advertisement. At the end of the month a virtual tour was added to the free Craigslist.org advertisement. It received hundreds of views within a few days of posting, with more phone calls than the landlord could hope for. The property was rented in two weeks by a couple from out-of-state and fetched an extra $400 dollars per month than the previous renters had paid. They never would have rented the place without a virtual tour because they were not able to “see” it. The exciting part is that the tour paid for itself in one month, and the landlord can utilize that tour any time she needs it. Almost a year later, the home came for rent in the middle of winter, the hardest time of year to rent a property. Once again, the home was rented within two weeks of the free Craigslist advertisement with virtual tour. Now those are results that are undeniable! Click the virtual tour link below to see the property for yourself.




UPDATE: We put the property up on Craigslist, this time tracking the amount of views we recieved for this property while it was posted. The statistics page shows us the property recieved 3,500 views is one week. We rented the property in less than 12 hours. WOW!!! You too can experience results like this!

360° Virtual Photography to Capture a Personal Portrait


This is an entirely new way to preserve and share images of yourself, your loved ones and your world. It is also a way to capture a moment in time that will not happen again. These “spheres of time” are exceptionally precious and priceless, and they can last a lifetime.


I visited a dear old friend of mine. During our visit I asked him if I could capture him in a 360° panoramic photograph. So there he sat for the photograph in his favorite place to be, his humble abode, nestled in a chair with his cat. At the time, it seemed important to me to create this image, because he had gotten sick and would be moving from the home he had lived in for over 30 years. He didn’t want to leave his home, but knew it was inevitable. I know he was very happy that he could always “go home” to this virtual tour, which would provide him comfort in the future when he was missing home. I couldn’t have known, but that would be the last time I saw him alive, as he passed away a few weeks later. Selfishly, this is one of my most favorite images of him because it captured him so well, and was a good portrayal of his life. Unselfishly, I know his large family and his dear friends, will also be able to “go home” to Vic’s house, and visit him anytime.


Click the link below to visit Vic Jacobs in this eternal “sphere of time” :


 360° Virtual Photography to Capture an Event:


How many events out there could be captured by virtual photography? All of them! It could be an important game, a party of long-lost friends, a charity event, a wedding, or well…I could take a panorama at just about any event. In fact I can hardly wait to photograph them!


Promoting your event efficiently and effectively is easy when using virtual photography. For instance, a Country Financial insurance agent, Gary Cheyne of Klamath Falls, Oregon gives a client appreciation BBQ event for his clients each year. In order to really show how much fun the event is we created a 360 virtual tour with a gallery of images. Enjoy.



To view a Masquerade Ball event click the following link:



To view Angela’s Halloween Party click the following link: